Agenas Co. Ltd is established in Oct 2017.

The main business is exporting the Vietnamese agricultural products, food and food additives, and animal feed and sourcing for the customers from many countries.

Our mission is bringing to the customers the high quality products without the harmful additives and safe for human and environment and promoting Vietnamese brands to over the world and supporting the farmers to have the better life conditions.

Based on strong knowledge of bio-technology and cooperated relationship with the farmers, agricultural cooperatives at the cultivation specializing areas, and OEM manufacturers, Agenas Co. Ltd has possibility to approach directly material sources and be able to control the quality of products from raw material to finished products.

Starting up for a year Agenas Co. Ltd has gotten some achievements in the exporting, conquered the difficult markets with very strictly quality requirements like Japan, Poland, France, Russia. Currently Japanese market is the main market with over 60% revenue of Agenas Co. Ltd.

With the motto of prestige and responsibility, Agenas Co. Ltd is creating a solid foundation for the development and helps the international customers approaching and being acutely aware of Vietnamese products.

We hope in the next 5 or 10 years the world can recognize and trust the quality of Vietnamese products as developed countries’ products.


Europe market: Russia, Poland, Estonia, France

Asia market: China, Japan, Malaysia, Thailand, Korea, Iran, UEA, India

Africa: Gabon, Angola