VN, Netherlands to boost agricultural co-operation

VN, Netherlands to boost agricultural co-operation

This was said by Dutch Agricultural Counsellor in Việt Nam Arie Veldhuizen at a conference in Hà Nội on Wednesday to connect Vietnamese and Dutch agricultural businesses. The conference was organised by the Netherlands Embassy in Việt Nam and saw the participation of some 150 enterprises from the two countries.

Veldhuizen said Dutch companies, such as De Heus, Friesland Campina and PejaViệt Nam, were interested in investing in Vietnamese agriculture.

According to an assessment of the Netherlands Embassy in Việt Nam, the bilateral relationship between Việt Nam and the Netherlands is a win-win situation in which Vietnamese enterprises and farmers can learn about and utilise advanced technology to improve their competitiveness.

The growth in agriculture is not only attributed to the efforts of Vietnamese enterprises but also Việt Nam’s Government, which is showing increasing concern about the development of chain goods and has been investing in modern machinery and technology to increase the value and quality of products, Veldhuizen said.

However, many opinions suggest that the agricultural sector of Việt Nam is still limited in the application of advanced cultivation techniques, and logistics services for harvesting and preserving have gained little interest of local investors. Developing the value chain, on the other hand, needs large investment by enterprises and policy support from the Government.

The Netherlands, for example, is a small country, with a low area of cultivated land and a small population (some 17 million people), but with policies and appropriate steps, it has successfully built a system of sustainable agriculture, the most competitive and effective in the world.